Each year, your organization delivers a wide range of projects that meet diverse objectives. Throughout, you're constantly looking for solutions to optimize your achievements while safeguarding quality. However, your operational context is unique; our experts will help you enhance your platform's services to suit your reality. By strategically identifying initiatives, you can achieve your goals. You'll then benefit from monitoring your indicators, while limiting your efforts, thereby increasing your profits. A good reason to call on our project experts: they will develop or integrate the relevant technological solutions hassle free in support mode within your organization, greatly facilitating the onboarding process.

  • Analyze your project portfolios and activities within an organization to provide a clear and consistent project management practice;
  • Propose best practices and tools to leverage collaboration, monitoring, control and automation of project management processes;
  • Identify and customize performance indicators required for sound project management;
  • Support in change management and training to ensure that project management practices and tools are fully integrated into the various departments;
  • Improve governance efficiency by providing a cross-functional view of projects.

Our project management solutions are complementary and offer a wide range of features. From PPM Server, Project Online, Project for the Web, Dynamics 365 - Project Operations, Planner, and the world-class BrightWork solution, idexia provides clients with the planning, analysis, training, configuration, and customization services to achieve a successful implementation. Combining management services and technology expertise to implement project and portfolio management solutions, idexia ensures a structured implementation process to guarantee that each solution is well adapted to the organization's needs.

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Three main types of integration solutions for project and portfolio management may interest you.

Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a cloud-based project portfolio management solution that enables organizations to plan, execute and track their projects. It’s the perfect solution for large government organizations that require capacity planning and tracking of their operations in portfolio mode.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is an all-in-one project management solution developed by Microsoft. It allows companies to plan, execute and track their projects in a unified environment connected to their CRM.


BrightWork is an activity management, project management and project portfolio management solution embedded in SharePoint. Fully customizable and ready to use, this solution draws on best practices from well-known methodologies such as PMBOK (PMI), Stage Gate or Agile.

BrightWork 365

BrightWork 365, entirely developed within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, provide a cutting-edge integration with its most popular applications: Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate, OneNote, Outlook as well as the Microsoft productivity suite.

What can you gain by optimizing project management in your organization?

Central to sound project portfolio management is the identification and monitoring of strategies designed to achieve organizational performance objectives.

The benefit of enlisting the services of Idexia’s Microsoft 365 platform experts is that you can roll out the right platform services to feed your monitoring indicators, in synergy with the Microsoft collaboration ecosystem.

The bottom line is that you’ll achieve efficiency, positive results and increased mobilization of your resources after a successful implementation.


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